Museum Barberini, Potsdam


The newly opened museum in Potsdam is a spectacular art gallery. Currently there are four different exhibitions going on and the reception has been enormous. Thinking I would easily get in on a Wednesday was a mistake. I still waited for half an hour only to get in and buy a ticket for the afternoon entrance. Although rather busy, the space is very enjoyable and easy to navigate. Exhibitions spread out on three floors, making it a nice two-hour stroll through some of the most wonderful history of art.

What drew me to this museum was actually the exhibition on Impressionism, but then I got surprised by artwork from the GDR. I discovered some quite emotional pieces.


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The next exhibition was Modern Art Classics, focusing on Munch, Liebermann and Kandinsky. It was lovely seeing Munch’s more brighter pieces, with almost glittery skies and sunsets. The exhibition encompasses sixty works that range from German Impressionism and Fauvism to Abstract Art after 1945.

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Amongst all these incredible paintings I found Rodin, in the brightest exhibition hall in the museum. I’ve been trying to run away from sculpture ever since I worked in a sculpture gallery, but his work is so inviting that you cannot help but marvel at his exploration of the human form.


The exhibition Impressionism: The Art of Landscape was even more than I had hoped for. There were so many beautiful pieces on display, a beautiful selection of Monets and Renoirs, Sisleys and Pissarros. The exhibition was designed to appeal to all the senses, covering eight different themes and more than ninety works that present landscape painting as the guiding genre of Impressionism.

Although photographs cannot do justice to the vivid colours and feeling each painting exudes, I have created a little gallery for you to look at.

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Museum also has a display of its history, since the former Barberini Palace used to be at the centre of cultural and political life of Potsdam for a very long time. The idea to reconstruct the palace on the Altmarkt is a tricky one because following the rules of conservation it is not advised to reconstruct, but on the other hand the significance of this museum for Potsdam is immense. Luckily they managed to at least keep the interior fresh and modern, making it a success story from the capital of Brandeburg.



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