Bröhan-Museum, Berlin


Bröhan-Museum is also known as the art deco museum. Besides the lovely collection of art deco and art nouveau pieces, ranging from furniture to decorative vases, on its first floor you can currently see a retrospective of works by the Dutch artist Jan Toorop.

Although he is rather an unknown artist outside his native country, this exhibition is most definitely worth visiting, and not only for the impressive 200 works on display, but because the range of materials and art techniques he used to create his art are so wonderful to look at and admire from the other side of the glass, or even whilst you’re looking at your own reflection in the mirrors he created.

His work in this retrospective includes drawings, pastels, paintings, ceramics, glass, poster and book cover design; just to name a few. It is such an inspiring and dreamy exhibition. My particular favourites were drawings the lines of which extend onto the frames that he also created.

Some of the works from the exhibition include:




The last floor of the building showcases an exhibition of music posters by Günther Kieser. Considering all of them were done without using any computer tool to modify the images, they are pretty amazing. Two of my favourites were:

The admission is free every first Wednesday of the month and Toorop exhibition is open until May 21 so be sure to visit!


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