Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin


One of the coolest museums in Berlin, so vast I regularly get lost in its hallways.

The building, as its name would suggest, used to serve as one of the oldest train stations in Germany. It was built in 1846 and it is the only train station in Berlin remaining from that time. Because of increasing traffic, it had to close its doors in 1884. Now it serves as the Museum for Contemporary Art.

It currently displays my favourite exhibitions in all of Berlin, and I highly recommend you to visit, because not only will you be enchanted by the art, but by the building itself, especially the grand hall.


Walking around I stumbled upon some famous names: Warhol, Rauschenberg and Lichtenstein.

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Another great exhibition is the retrospective of German sculptor Rudolf Belling. It displays about 80 items from 1920s to 1960s. His work ranged from stage and costume design all the way to fountains and monuments. What comes across in his work is the use of empty space as a compositional element.


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Another brilliant exhibition currently on is called Moving is in every direction. It traces the history of installation art from the 1960s until today. It is not setup chronologically so it is a full surprise as you walk from one exhibition room to another. I have captured some of my personal highlights.

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