Museum of Totalitarian Art, Sofia


While researching museum offerings in Sofia, I read some great reviews of this museum and decided to pay a visit, especially because it is so specific and unusual.

Already in the courtyard it felt like I was entering a land of towering concrete and bronze figures from a bygone era, but it  somehow seemed familiar as well.


A pair of Lenins

Inner part of the museum provided a much needed cooling down from the hot Bulgarian sun. The exhibition space is rather cohesive, showcasing totalitarian art through different themes and art techniques.


Some of my favourite were black-and-white paintings of suffering.

Not only were there artworks expressing what life was under these regimes, but there was also historic video footage in the little separate building that is used as the gift shop. The footage showed Sofia during the communist regime.

I highly recommend visiting this museum, it was one of my favourite in Sofia.




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